Morning Launch Pad

This morning I am wrapped up in worship. Cradled by Christ. Enamored with Emmanuel. Delighted in my Dayspring. Awestruck by The Almighty. This is the epicenter of all of my Crossing Overs. It is my purposeful recognition of Who He Is and who I am. And that core belief sets in order absolutely EVERYTHING else in my life. It puts ALL things “back to rights”. It solves the impossible riddles of my life. Clears the clouds of confusion. Sharpens sight. Hones my hearing. Points out my path. Restores relationships. Renews my mind. Revives my weariness. Removes the driving fears. Receives my repentance. Forgives my flesh-driven agendas. Redeems my soul. I’m the wrecked Tesla invited into the repair shop of Elon Musk. I’m the broken fluorescent light welcomed by Nikolaus Tesla. There is nothing my Maker does not know about me and the divine purposes He designed me for. He repairs me and sends me out to do the works for which I was designed- serving others in His Name and for His Glory. From this position – humbled and bowed down before Him-I am reminded that The One Who made me and everything in all the world is still seated on His Mighty throne – above all. Nothing is outside of His view. No one holds power that could rival His. I am once again amazed at His Wisdom, Power and Glory. And again, so surprised by His offer to partner with Him in Eternal assignments here, in my place and time. Ahhhhhh….. The Day is before us.

Okay. Let’s roll, Lord! You go first. I’m right behind You!

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