The intersections of our day and time are well represented in this photo. They have been intentionally designed and beautifully constructed. They are complex and confusing. They necessitate guidance. I believe we are all struggling through the greatest difficulties of our lifetimes. Our souls are not at rest. Our families are fractured and hurting. WeContinue reading “Crossroads”

Morning Launch Pad

This morning I am wrapped up in worship. Cradled by Christ. Enamored with Emmanuel. Delighted in my Dayspring. Awestruck by The Almighty. This is the epicenter of all of my Crossing Overs. It is my purposeful recognition of Who He Is and who I am. And that core belief sets in order absolutely EVERYTHING elseContinue reading “Morning Launch Pad”

Home Land!

This photo of my home land… was taken while on one of my walk-abouts. I have no training in photography. I just know what speaks to me. Here, the fields ripe for harvest, the broken fence post, the distant view of our cows grazing and even the overcast sky all capture parts of my journey.Continue reading “Home Land!”

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