Blessings of Life to my Family

To My Family At Christmas,

It is such a gift to me to have us all together again.

I want to gift each of you with spoken truth and blessings. Words that you may not hear enough. I want this message to go with you and live in your heart wherever this year may take us.

I speak Life and declare it over each one of you.

It is the Lord of Life who created you and knit you together. Even as He is now doing for the two precious babes on the way into our family.

 Each of you are amazing, unique and wonderfully made by The Creator of All. You are NOT an accident. You are NOT a mistake.  You were lovingly planned and crafted by GOD for His good purposes on the earth – things that He planned in advance for YOU to do – that no one else could do in your place.  You are a child of The King of the Universe.

The Same One Who loves you more than anyone else ever could.

This Almighty King of Heaven loved you so much that He came down low – into our dark and broken world to become our Emmanuel – God With Us!  For All of us have sinned and fallen short of the Glory of God. And only The Creator can fully know how to fix what is broken in His Creation.

 So He came.

Thank You for coming to save us, Lord. In humble repentance we lay down everything dark and broken in us and in our world that was exposed by Your Righteous Light over the last year.

 I hear You calling us back to Your original design for us, saying “Arise and Shine! For the Glory of God has risen upon you!”

Yes, Lord Jesus! May we shine with Your Glory in our place on the Earth until You come again like lightening to take us Home to Your Forever Kingdom of Light.

We honor You – The Christ of Christmas – You Are The Only Gift we ever really needed. 

 You Are More Than Enough!  

In The Great Love of God and the Mighty Name of Jesus, I Bless each precious person in our family – those here and those yet to be!  Lord, Bless and keep our generations for Your Name and Your Glory! May we be Life-givers everywhere we go!

Amen!  So Be It!

Much Love,

Mama H.

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